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crumpled city

Client: Palomar
Packaging Identity: Alvvino
Photography: Pierluigi Anselmi


Client: Palomar 
Engineerings and How To
: Davide Uderzo
Packaging Identity: Alvvino
Photography and Video: Pierluigi Anselmi
Concept and Design with Giancarlo Pizzolorusso


marble blocks

paper bin  

Design with Riccardo Nannini & Domenico Orefice
Photography: Andrea Poggesi

pin city

Client: Palomar 
Design with Alvvino
Photography: Andrea Poggesi

design assistant

Simone Morelli

technical consulting

Davide Uderzo

special thanks

Special thanks for the great help and inspiration to Jenni Väre, Giancarlo Pizzolorusso, Simone Morelli, Denis Guidone, Colleen Elizabeth, Odoardo Fioravanti, Katariina Rantanen